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The industry’s most trusted 12 volt charger
Charges iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, other USB-chargeable devices
Removable backup battery provides hours of additional use for iPhone and iPod
Reserve Battery (also available separately as a spare) is interchangeable with PowerBlock Reserve AC Charger (sold separately, or together with PowerJolt Reserve in the PowerDuo Reserve Bundle)
The Reserve Battery works with Dock Connector iPod models. The headphone jack of iPod touch and iPod nano is temporarily unavailable while charging with detachable Reserve battery.


Available for Preorder now Power when and where you need it. Extend your surfing, talking, and tune time with PowerJolt Reserve. At the same time you’re charging your player’s internal battery, you’re also charging the detachable Reserve battery pack for your iPod or iPhone. It’s like getting twice as much use out of every time you charge. Plug PowerJolt into your cigarette lighter or 12 volt power outlet to charge your player in your car while you use it. PowerJolt works with iPhone, iPod, and almost any other device that charges by a standard USB connection. When you arrive at your destination, unclip the Reserve battery pack and take it with you (it’s small enough to fit in your jeans pocket). The Reserve battery snaps into your Dock Connector, adding extra time on your iPod or iPhone. No more worrying about battery life; no need to lug your charger along with you. PowerJolt Reserve is the most USB charge you can pack into the smallest footprint. class[center|] Product Compatibility iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Classic, iPod with Video, iPod Photo, iPod mini

Store Review

So, unless you have been living under a rock lately, you will by now have heard that Apple have announced a mass recall of their AC chargers, shipped across a huge rage of Mac and iOS devices sold from 2003 to as recently as 2015. Not good news for Apple’s bottom dollar, particularly given ...
Published: February 3, 2016