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Play your iPod through your car stereo while it charges. TuneFlex AUX is the perfect in-car solution, with the convenience of a steering-wheel-mounted remote control.


Position the mount on the steering wheel near your fingers for convenient control that never makes you take your eyes off the road, yet never interferes with your steering. The remote is held on the mount magnetically, and can be removed for use by anyone in the car. TuneFlex plugs into the auto accessory port or cigarette lighter to charge your iPod. The flexible steel neck is adjustable to hold your iPod where you want it. The included stereo mini cable connects TuneFlex to your stereo’s AUX-in jack for clean, interference-free sound. The package includes a set of snap-on adapters to ensure a secure mount for recent full-size iPod and iPod nano models. Included cable strap prevents tangles. Mount, charge and play your iPod in your car Wireless remote control comes with steering wheel mount Flexible steel neck and swiveling cradle positions your iPod where you want it Line-out port and included audio cable connect TuneFlex to AUX In-equipped car stereos Product Compatibility iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch, 3rd & 4th Gen iPod Nano, iPod Classic

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Published: May 27, 2011