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Siri to Expand into Home Automation


Siri to Expand into Home Automation

Apple are expanding their tech horizons quite significantly at the moment, with forays into automated cars and rumours of secret projects abounding. Now a report from The Information indicates that Apple are expanding into Home Automation, and they plan to utilise their PA Siri to do it.


Following the lead of major players like Amazon and Google, Apple’s “next big thing” is purported to be a speaker within the home, powered by Siri, and listening to every word that leaves your lips – a little bit Big Brother actually lol. However, if it works as planned it could allow Siri to do anything from book you an Uber to playing your favourite music at dinner or even turning off the iron. Pretty cool.


Some are saying that Apple is too late to the party on this one, with Amazon Echo the pioneer and Google Home being announced last week. However, this isn’t an unusual trend for Apple these days, who seem to like to take a look at what the market does first and refine their offering further before launching.


As always, time will tell, but we look forward to hearing more about this one.