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Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap Review


Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap Review


Speck PixelSkin HD 


First impressions:

Packaging of the case seems impressive, as always, Speck do a great job in presentation for retail stores.

But for us, its more about whats inside that matters.


Precision cut is what make Speck products stand apart, that's no different from Speck PixelSkin HD cases.

The case fits perfectly in every corner,


Precision cut on the speakers, home button and volume control ensure ease of access 


Visually, the case may not be for everyone - but it does have a serial look to it for the professional attire.

Simplicity isn't always the problem 


Flipping the front allow you to wrap the cover and act as a triangular stand. This is idea for reading and writing.


Design is suitable for those who are looking for a case with substance,


Design comes in 3 colours,

Person choice is black, perfect fit for business users. 



Original design: B+

Practicality: A

Quality: B+ (PVC)