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LifeProof NËXT for Samsung Galaxy S9 -Slim, sexy and tough


LifeProof NËXT for Samsung Galaxy S9 -Slim, sexy and tough

The LifeProof NËXT is the eternally reliable brand’s mid-range offering for those that need more than just the drop-proofing proffered by the LifeProof SLAM, but who don't require the level of waterproofing of a fully enclosed screen like the LifeProof FRÉ. It’s a nice compromise between solid knock and dirt protection whilst still retaining the sleek feel of the S9’s beautiful bevelled display. It’s also worth remembering that the S9 is IP68 certified anyway, meaning that it can be submerged in fresh water as deep as 1.5m for up to 30 minutes and still not suffer liquid ingress.



The beautiful packaging includes a polycarbonate key to open the case, allowing you to split the coloured bumper from the clear backing to easily install and then safely lock your phone in. This creates a nice halo of colour around the face, whilst still showing off the gorgeous Lilac Purple, Coral Blue or Midnight Black handset you paid so much money for.

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Drop tested for 2m (by both LifeProof and us), it also has ports sealed with a plug for the charging and headphone jacks, fully sealed button covers that are easy to press, and open bevelled ports for the speakers and mic. Wireless charging is unimpeded, and importantly, it really just feels lovely in the hand overall.


Galaxy S9 

The only minor bug-bear we had with the NËXT is that it does pick up fingerprints like nobody’s business. Nowhere near as badly as cases like the Griffin Survivor Strong, it’s essentially the same level of fingerprint-stick as the actual screen, but something we do wish manufacturers could overcome in future iterations of clear gloss cases.


finger prints


All in all, if you’re playing in salt water regularly, like a surfer or SCUBA diver, go with the FRÉ. Everyone else, you’re going to just love this case, on all levels. A solid 4.5/5 stars.