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Iris ID to Replace Touch ID?


Iris ID to Replace Touch ID?

The rumour mill has been rife with reports that Apple is planning to scrap the home key on their 2017 releases, and given that it represents a major mechanical vulnerability in the iPhone’s handset design, we wouldn’t be at all surprised. However, that does leave Apple with a problem: how to integrate Touch ID seccurity, or fingerprint scanning technology, when you plan to remove the button that controls it?


A new rumour, citing “unnamed industry sources” from DigiTech offers a potential solution – retina scanning.


The rumour indicates that it is likely Apple will integrate retinal scanning or “Iris ID” by 2018. Whilst DigiTech have often been off with their timing, they are generally on the mark when it comes to overall industry trends, and Apple certainly has the patents to make this one a reality, including facial recognition technology patents.


Monday's report alleged that Apple's chief rival in the mobile space, Samsung, is planning to include iris recognition technology in its flagship Galaxy S smartphone later this year.


Chinese smartphone makers LeEco, Xiaomi and 360 Qiku were also said to be working on their own proprietary biometrics technology. Suppliers such as Qualcomm, Truly Opto-Electronics, O-film Tech and Beijing IrisKing are also identified as players in the growing space.