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Speck for iPad and iPhone products on the way!


Speck for iPad and iPhone products on the way!

This is really exciting news!

We're excited to launch the latest speck products for iPad and iPhone - Guaranteed the best prices in Aust!

Most of all, because we are official resellers in Oz, you will be provided with full manufactures warranty.

Speck are now offering a free screen protector for each case sold - these freebies are strictly limited and we are happy to pass them on to our beloved customers!

Keep your eyes peeled, on our latest listing - it should be up on site by next week!

Update 12th May


Seems like Speck can be a pain in the buttom, they are hesitant to allow their official resellers use their product photos and description... 


Umm seriously, we are trying to sell your products, why make life difficult for resellers...


Anyways, stock is now listed on site and are ready for delivery! Enjoy!