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Wednesday saw the release of Apple’s 2013 Q2 financial results and what a mixed bag they were. Despite record sales for March and increased iPad and iPhone sales on the year ago quarter, the company’s growth is slowing and the stock price continues to slump. Its current low of $10.09 ... Read More
April 28, 2013
OUYA promise to bring great gaming experience to one’s living room in a affordable However, this idea of OUYA is a lot more complicated than it looks. For the OUYA to succeed it must win over the customers and all of its developers. The news reveals that the OUYA has over 10,000 developers... Read More
April 28, 2013
Android may have just shy of 70% of the world’s smart phone market nailed down but it’s still struggling to catch up to Apple in the app revenue department, despite Android’s Google Play revenue jumping by a massive 90% in the first quarter of 2013 compared to Apple’s 25% ... Read More
April 28, 2013
The individuals behind the Google Glass app known as MyGlass have leaked information about the new Android Game Center. This gaming center will have revolutionary features and will make Android gaming even better. Info was leeked while snooping in the apk file for the app and this allowed geeks t... Read More
April 23, 2013
Current numbers certainly seem to suggest so. After an ever growing wave of success with Apple’s stock price enjoying a seven-fold increase in the 4 years to September 2012, the 44% slump they’ve experienced since then is certainly concerning investors. However, more worrying for Apple fa... Read More
April 23, 2013
Earlier this week Google released the specs for its new wearable Google Glass and is currently in the process of shipping the device to select app developers for pre-launch trial with the official launch expected before the end of the year. The ‘smart glasses’ will feature about a day’s wor... Read More
April 21, 2013
iON iDJ2GO – I’m Fat Boy Slim!! :D Star Rating: 9/10   Look at me, I’m a DJ!! lol OK, so maybe not, but I sure felt like a burgeoning one for a while playing with the iDJ2GO. This was really fun to review.   The iDJ2GO is a cleverly designed, compact gadget that w... Read More
May 07, 2013
There are a number of prize winners and developers that have now gotten their hands on the Google computing projects. The details are not clear, but as suggested by PC Mag, Google has recently posted technical glasses for the device. Many of the technical specs have already been talked about... Read More
April 20, 2013
The manufacturers of iPad accessories suggest that the new iPad will be like a large iPad in a mini form. There have been many images revealed of what the next 9.7 inch iPad will look like and many believe that it looks like the iPad mini. TechCrunch has discovered a bunch of chic cases for the d... Read More
April 20, 2013
Those people that have had redesigned the Foursquare screen for the Android are familiar with the app’s capabilities, but now it is time for the iOS users to take advantage of the Foursquare 6.0. The latest update puts the map and the explore search bar on the main page. This is a great f... Read More
April 16, 2013

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