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Best Lite, Mid and Heavy-Duty Protection For Your New iPhone XS, XS Max and XR


Best Lite, Mid and Heavy-Duty Protection For Your New iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

So, you’ve either forked over a big wad of cash, or 2 years of your life in a contract, and now have your hot little hands on a brand spanking new iPhone XS or XS Max. Given the record-breaking cost of your new handset, now is certainly not the time to skimp on a few sheckles for exactly the right kind of case, but how do you choose the right one? Well, we’re here to help you out! Check out our top recommendations for lite, mid-range and heavy-duty protection for your new baby.



Lite  – Moshi Sensecover Folio


The Moshi Sensecover Folio is a seriously good-looking folio-style case that not only provides excellent protection against all the important things, but still looks seriously great whilst allowing maximal functionality, without even having to open the front cover. Features such as FaceID, ApplePay, answering or rejecting calls etcetera, can be controlled through the sensors on the front cover without needing to open it. The cover doubles as a video stand and at only 68 grams, you’re not adding any serious bulk or weight. The colour range is currently a little limited, but conservatively beautiful, and likely to expand in time. And all this is partnered with 810G military certification and a very decent price point. Win.




Everyday – Speck Presidio Clear + Series


If you prefer to let your new iPhone’s sleek style speak for itself, but don’t want to risk leaving your four-figure investment vulnerable to the elements, the Speck Presidio Clear series offers the perfect compromise. The range all sport a fused dual-layer polycarbonate and Impactiumä Clear shell with proprietary shock dispersion technology, providing up to 8-feet of independently tested drop-protection. The bezel edge ensures your sexy new OLED-display remains scratch-free without interfering with button or port access, and the profile is one of the slimmest available, yet there is no compromise in function. Scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and discolouration-proof, the case is available in the standard clear version, as well as the beautiful “+” iterations, such as the gorgeous + Glitter and + Print. A lifetime warranty and excellent pricing seals the deal.






Heavy-Duty – LifeProof FRĒ


Not that long ago, we would have been recommending the OtterBox Defender as the top of the line in everything-protection. For years, OtterBox has been known as the leader in seriously heavy-duty cases. However, we truly believe that this long held crown finally deserves a new owner. Not only is the LifeProof FRĒ water-proof to 2 metres (for up to an hour!) and drop-proof from 2 metres, snow and dirt-proof, but it’s insanely slim and light. At only 44 grams, and dimensions barely larger than the iPhone itself, it’s frankly amazing that they can consistently keep offering such a “barely-there” case, yet provide such heavy-duty protection. Whilst the colour range is currently a little limited, there are still some very cute shades, and we are sure that as usual they will release more pending demand. Whilst it attracts a pretty hefty price-tag for a case, if your iPhone XS or XS Max is going to be seeing a lot of action, whether through work or play, it’s worth every single cent to give you peace of mind for a such a big investment as a new iPhone.