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etymotic hf3 review


etymotic hf3 review

Etymotic HF3 earphones are one of our best selling earphones available, 

First off, These are the best deals and the lowest prices in Australia - RRP $249 in Apple store, we are offering them for $155 delivered Aust wide. Product comes with 1 year Australian warranty, we DONT SELL GREY Imports, so everything you buy on GB are covered by Australian warranty.

You can get a custom fit by sending in your mold of your earpiece to ET - An Awesome feature to ensure your getting the best fit for the best sound!

Now, enough of the banging about why you should buy from us, lets see what the expert say about 


Etymotic HF3 Review


Source MacLife 5/5 

"As far as the audio experience goes, the hf3 are a great investment. You won’t get the bass thump of earbuds built for boom, but what you will get is accurate sound reproduction. The hf3 can reproduce frequencies from 20Hz up to 15kHz, and we had no problems with ear fatigue when using them for extended listening. If you usually buy cheapo earbuds, the price of the hf3 might be a shock, but the listening experience will be leaps and bounds better than what you’re used to. We tested ours with everything from Miike Snow’s indie-pop gems to piano compositions by Franz Liszt, and they had no problems with that playlist or with phone calls or spoken podcasts.

If you’re looking for a great pair of noise-isolating earbuds that do double-duty as a phone headset, Etymotic’s hf3 are the new gold standard."


Source MacWorld 5/5


"When it comes to in-ear headphones it’s really a two horse race between Shure and Etymotic. Both offer superb sound and excellent noise isolation. We found that the Shure headphones we compared the HF3s too were a little too bassy for our liking and would pick the Etymotics over them for that reason and for the option of smaller earpieces. We also found that the mic was ideally placed for making calls, while the Shure mic hung down our front and needed to be held up to our mouth if we were to be heard."



If you have the Etymotic HF3, please shoot us your comment and review!