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Case Mate Naked Tough for Samsung S9, Barely There with Gloss That’s Fingerprint-Free!


Case Mate Naked Tough for Samsung S9, Barely There with Gloss That’s Fingerprint-Free!

Finally – a barely-there clear gloss case that doesn’t retain fingerprints! We’ve lamented the fingerprint issue on so many gloss cases now, such as the Griffin Survivor Strong and even the delightful LifeProof NËXT, a case we otherwise loved. But, finally, someone has delivered a clear gloss case that doesn’t pick up a darn thing!


Case-mate Tough


Upon opening the package you find a neat, clear BPA-free plastic case with a separate inner bumper lining. Whilst we would normally expect lighter, yet higher-density polycarbonate plastic as opposed to ‘standard’ plastic, perhaps this is why it doesn’t hold the prints so badly? Either way, this is one of the slimmest cases we’ve reviewed yet, whilst still offering enough of a feeling of security that we don’t freak out about dropping it. It’s also one of the easiest installations we’ve had in a while, simply popping the bumper on and then clicking it into the shell.


Case-mate cases

The Naked Tough is drop-tested to 10ft, compatible with wireless charging and comes with a lifetime warranty – always encouraging. The metallic-style buttons offer a sleek contrast to the casing and depress readily without any extra effort. All ports are easily accessible, whilst still being fully protected from knocks. This is also one of the best balances we’ve seen in terms of protecting the gorgeous Samsung Infinity display. As we have often commented before, it’s a challenge to protect the beautiful, bevelled screen, without locking it away in a bunch of protective casing. The Case Mate Naked Tough just nails it in terms of keeping the screen available, yet protecting it so well you don’t worry about placing it face-down on any surface.


Case-mate iphone case


If we had to summarise? Super-thin, great hand feel, NO fingerprints at all, solid protection and a great price point. The perfect case for those that want minimal style impact whilst still retaining good drop protection without compromising functionality – 4.5/5 stars.


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