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Which Case Is Best For Me?


Which Case Is Best For Me?

Which Case Is Best For Me?

Lite, Medium & Heavy-Duty options to suit everyone


Lite Cases

If you’re the type of person that really would prefer that your phone didn’t have a case on it at all, but don’t want to risk scratches or nicks, the Lite level of protection is for you. A good place to start is the Presidio range from Speck; this offers a variety of slim yet strong cases with heaps of different colours and patterns to choose from, including clear variants and prints. Another great option to consider is Case Mate. Their Karat, Waterfall and Crystal ranges offer a dazzling array of simply gorgeous cases (there really is something for everyone) but doesn’t compromise on basic protection and maintains a super-slim profile.



case-mate karat series




Medium Cases

Need something a little sturdier? The OtterBox Symmetry and Commuter ranges have you covered. These cases are all open-face but have a bezel to prevent the screen being scratched when placed face-down as well as two-layer drop protection and a reasonable range of colours. If you prefer something a little quirkier or want additional functionality from your case, try having a look at Twelve South; their stunning range of leather folio and book-style cases are real head-turners and the protection level is surprisingly good.


twelvesouth journal


Heavy-Duty Cases

So, you’re the type that regularly drops your phone in the loo or leaves it on the roof of the car? The LifeProof Fre is for you. The Fre is a fully enclosed unit that is water, drop, dirt and snow proof. One of the only brands brave enough to actually use the term “proof” over “resistant”, they back it up with a 1-year warranty and have a cute range of colours to boot. The profile is also extremely slim for a case offering such a high level of protection.


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