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Apple Watch Series 2 – Underwhelming


Apple Watch Series 2 – Underwhelming

Like most of September 7’s launch news, the Apple Watch Series 2 was a little underwhelming. That’s not to say that we think the Watch is a “bad” product per se, it’s just that when it comes to Apple product releases we tend to get excited, not about the things it does that other devices can already do, but in what it can do that other devices can’t.


At this point, there’s really only one thing we can pick to make it stand out from a good quality fitness watch, and that is that is has its own GPS inbuilt instead of relying on that in your phone. And let’s face facts, you can even get yourself one of those already from a myriad of brands like Garmin, Polar and TomTom for a similar price. It’s just that the Apple Watch does the whole “integration” thing better because it’s designed to work within a suite of other Apple products.


So, whilst we aren’t all that excited about it, here are the key things you actually need to know.


Changes on the Watch Series 1:

Integrated GPS

Upgrade to a dual-core processor

Water resistant to 50m

2x brighter display (1000 nits vs 450 nits) – the “brightest display ever shipped on any Apple device”

Option of ceramic body with Apple Watch Edition – touted as being 4x harder than stainless steel

Variety of custom collaborations (see below)


Watch Series 1 continues to be available but carrying an upgraded dual core processor.


Pricing starts from US$369 for the base model or the Nike+ collaboration, US$1,149 for a Hermès mashup and a staggering US$1,249 for the Edition version with the ceramic body. Keep adding dollars if you want the 42mm instead of the 38mm.


PS. We do, however, think the integrated wheelchair user’s support is pretty cool though!

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