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Tech21 Evo Tactical for Samsung S9 - Ultra-Thin Drop Protection


Tech21 Evo Tactical for Samsung S9 - Ultra-Thin Drop Protection

Our first impression of the Tech21 Evo Tactical has got to be thin, thin, thin! At 1.6mm thick, it’s one of the lowest-profile and most unobtrusive cases we’ve ever tested; and that’s a big ask when you’re dealing with the Samsung S9’s Infinity Display, which can be challenging to effectively protect without wrapping it away in polycarbonate ‘cotton wool’. The Evo Tactical circumvents this by having an ever so slightly raised bezel at both the top and bottom of the case, but not at the sides, leaving the whole screen still comfortably accessible but not inclined to scratching when laid face down. It would be our suggestion, however, that if you drop your phone a lot, or tend to keep it in pockets with keys/change – get thee a screen protector. This is a genuinely slimline profile case and that does bring some limitations with it.


Whilst it’s always difficult to gauge the long-term capability of a case after multiple drops and knocks, the Tech21 testing process and supporting lifetime warranty is encouraging. The Evo Tactical is drop-tested twenty times from 12 feet during development, ensuring its tri-layer design and patented internal ribbing protect your S9 for more than just the first drop. Additionally, it is radio frequency, scratch and UV exposure tested, ensuring that your S9 is shielded without compromising performance. Whilst the Evo Tactical doesn’t offer waterproofing, the Galaxy S9 is waterproof in fresh water to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes anyway, which will generally cover most day to day accidents you’re likely to encounter. (Unless you’re one of those people who likes to wash their phone with their jeans).


All in all, the Evo Tactical looks subtly stylish, feels great in the hand, protects all the ports without impeding access and feels like it’s barely there. A great case for those needing basic protection, 4/5 stars.