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Speck Presidio Clear for iPhone - Reviewed


Speck Presidio Clear for iPhone - Reviewed

The Speck Presidio Clear has been designed for users who prefer to let the sleek lines and smooth colours of their iPhone speak for themselves, but who still need good drop and scratch protection for hard daily use.


With this in mind, Speck have retained their tried and true dual-layer approach with the usual external polycarbonate shell to provide rock-solid protection. However, fused into this is the internal Impactiumä Clear layer, designed for ultimate shock protection. In fact, it has been military-grade drop tested for up to 8ft (2.4m), and it really does appear to offer a surprisingly good level of protection for such a barely-there case. Despite a couple of drops on both a wooden and a tile floor during testing, the case was unmarked and the phone was fine.


One of the classic problems with clear cases has always been scratching and yellowing. Speck have overcome this issue with the Presidio Clear, and you really do have to work hard to scratch the case. Even tucked into a pocket with keys it copes, and whilst we can’t test it for long enough to actually validate the claim first-hand, Speck has designed this case in such a way that it is apparently unaffected by UV yellowing. With Speck’s lifetime warranty on all their products we are happy to believe this without needing to leave it in the sun for 3 months to prove it.


The fit is excellent and the raised bezel edge offers first-rate protection for your screen. Whilst the buttons require a teensy bit more pressure to activate, it’s not enough to be a bother, although if you have very chunky fingers it’s possible that you may have issues switching the “silence/lock” toggle switch. Another thing we liked was the texture of the case. You could put it down on a sloped surface (toilet roll holders – I’m looking at you!) and it wouldn’t slide off, or get super slippery if your hands got a little damp.

Available for iPhone 7, 8, X - this cover is also available on the Galaxy S8 range 

In summary, a great everyday case for busy people, tradies stick to the Defender series – 4/5 stars.

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