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Speck Balance Folio Cover iPad Case review - Gadgets Boutique


Speck Balance Folio Cover iPad Case review - Gadgets Boutique

We just love it when we get to test Speck products. They are always so consistently well-designed and beautifully made, and the Speck Balance Folio for the 9.7-inch range of iPads is no exception.



The Balance Folio utilises a layered design to effectively protect all facets of your iPad. First, the polycarbonate shell cradles your device in a perfectly fitted casing with a strong, bezel edge to protect the screen. The shell is lined with the softest suede-like fabric to prevent any scratches to your iPad’s exterior and an even thicker layer lines the inside of the screen cover, ensuring maximal protection. The exterior is then wrapped up in a final layer of beautiful PU leather, which is a man-made fabric reinforced with polyurethane. This makes it both tough and aesthetically pleasing, without costing a fortune or harming our furry friends in the process.


All of the ports and speakers are neatly protected and the camera lens is unimpeded, with access to the buttons and charge port a non-issue, even for those of us with sausage fingers. A neat little latch is provided to keep the cover closed when not in use and everything is reinforced with strong stitching along the edges and folds.


Here’s the really cool bit though. The Balance Folio has an adjustable stand built in to the front cover. Fold it over one way, and you have the ideal orientation for on-screen typing. Fold it over the other way, and you have 6 adjustable angles for viewing content, depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Neat!


The Speck Balance Folio fits the new 9.7-inch iPad (2017), iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2, and is available in 4 simple yet beautiful shades – blue, red, grey and black. Drop tested to 4m/13ft it will cope with a knock, but doesn’t offer a lot in terms of water and dust protection, so tradies would be best to stick to LifeProof and Defender.

In summary, slim, light, pretty and functional – 4.5/5 stars.

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