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Samsung S7 – Best Case for Functionality/Light Protection w Samsung LED View Cover


Samsung S7 – Best Case for Functionality/Light Protection w Samsung LED View Cover


So a couple of days ago we looked at what your best option was for heavy duty protection for your new Samsung S7. Today, we are going to the opposite end of the spectrum and looking at cases for folks who use their phone a LOT but don’t necessarily need it to be cyclone proof.


For most people this means a case that will protect it without hindering quick access, and potentially incorporate other features like card holders etc. The Samsung LED View Cover does a pretty good job of this, and we are super impressed with the ability it provides to not only view, but ALSO control, a myriad of day to day functions like alarms and SMS previews.


Samsung have essentially managed to create a beautiful, faux-leather flip case, without the annoyance of having to open the wretched thing every time you want to do something with your phone. Plenty of cases have a window in them allowing you to see through to a portion of the screen to preview the time, for example, but the LED View Cover goes one step further. As opposed to leaving an exposed window in the case it has an inbuilt LED display that communicates with the phone and displays icons, alerts, the time etc on the case cover itself. In addition, these icons can be customised in your contacts list so greater priority is given to important callers.


Taking it up one final notch they’ve included a card slot as well, perfect for credit card, ID, Opal card etc. All in all, we think the Samsung LED View Cover is the perfect compromise between protection, functionality and style. Available here or below in Black, Gold and Silver.