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Samsung S7 – Best Mid-Range Case w Otterbox Commuter


Samsung S7 – Best Mid-Range Case w Otterbox Commuter

Completing the short series of blogs on cases for your new Samsung S7, today we present you with the best option in terms of intermediate protection and intermediate price.


Ironically our friends over at Otterbox have won out on this one too with the Otterbox Commuter. Designed to provide top notch protection without being quite as bulky as its big brother the Defender, the Commuter also provides some alternate colour options to make your case about more than just protection. After all, we all need a little pretty in our lives every now and again, right? ;)


The Commuter is built with an inner rubber layer and polycarbonate outer layer, and still carries the same guarantees on drop protection having been through the same testing process as the Defender, but with a far sleeker profile. It also moves away from the built in screen protector, using an adhesive protector (included) instead. For some this gets around the issue of having an additional hard layer between you and your screen. It can also be a good move for those that work in exceptionally dusty environments where even the Defender can’t keep the dust out from under the screen cover and it gets in the way.


Ports, speakers etc are all still covered with port-plugs and the raised bezel prevents screen accidents. A slimmer profile makes it easier to stick in a pocket than a Defender too.


Finally, with colour options abundant, we think this little guys is a pretty good compromise on protection, style and budget. Available in black, pink, white and aqua here or below!