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Nomad Modern Strap for Apple Watch 42mm Reviewed


Nomad Modern Strap for Apple Watch 42mm Reviewed

Nomad have created both a beautiful and functional product in the Modern Strap and, as usual, have packaged it beautifully too (making the buying experience just that little extra bit special). Like all leather products from Nomad, the Modern Strap is crafted from Horween leather, which is made using traditional tanning techniques dating back to 1905. The family-run company has been making superior quality leather for 5 generations and really knows their stuff. Unlike many modern leathers that use extensive synthetics and spray sealants, Horween leather is tanned using vegetable-based compounds and imbued with natural waxes and oils to protect it. This means it develops its own distinct patina and character with use over time, making every strap unique to its owner. For those that prefer a strap that will stay looking brand new for as long as possible – this one isn’t for you. Also, folks who are extremely active (read: sweat a lot!) or are in the water frequently might want to consider the Nomad Rugged or Sport variants instead.


The buckles and lugs on the Modern Strap are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel and are metal injection moulded for a perfect fit. They attach firmly and operate smoothly, making changing the strap effortless. The band has both a fixed loop and a free loop to secure the tail end of the strap, making it essentially impossible for it to fall off and be lost, no matter how much you’re jumping around.


The Modern Strap is available in 4 different colour combinations; the band can be either brown or black leather, and, to match the colour of your specific watch body, the stainless-steel components can be either silver or black. Plus, if you love matchy-matchy, you can pick yourself up the Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio, made from the same beautiful leathers to go perfectly with your new Strap.


In summary? A luxurious, functional and well-made Apple Watch strap that is well worth the price tag.


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