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Speck iPod Touch Case - CandyShell & Fitted Range


Speck iPod Touch Case - CandyShell & Fitted Range



I have the great pleasure of reviewing Speck latest range of iPod Touch cases, so far we've been lucky to get our hands on most if not all of their latest design to bring you this amazing offer. 

There's a few rave reviews here and there on the CandyShell range, personally they are one of my favorites. 

But before I dig into it, here is a quick snippet from other review sites:


Make use of

"The case has all the qualities that I usually look for — it sports a hard, solid, polycarbonate, exterior that covers the back and bevels over the front screen; it’s got a soft, perforated, rubbery inner lining and silicon button covers; the sync connector and earphone jack are unobstructed. And despite the fact that it it has two (polycarbonate and rubber lining) layers, it still manages to maintain a pretty low profile and adds just the right amount of thickness to the iPod Touch to allow a proper grip."


iLounge gives it A- Highly recommended

Speck's groundbreaking hard plastic and rubber CandyShell case series has been one of our favorites for quite some time; the iPhone 3G/3GS version won our Case of the Year Award back in 2009. We were therefore pleased to see the company debut CandyShell ($35) and CandyShell Grip ($35) for iPod touch 4G. A total of eleven color combinations are available for the standard CandyShell, and three more for CandyShell Grip, though none of them come with a screen protector, a noteworthy omission in protection relative to the award-winning original."

That's the verdict from others, 


RRP for these cases are still listed as $35 in USA - for Aussies down under, we know we're always asked to pay that little extra to get the same goodies


Fortunately for our GB fan's we manage a sweet sweet price so you can have one for $19 Delivered. We promote it well online through seo and online marketing methods, learn more. 

Like all our other products, you will be getting the CandyShell case like you expect from a retail store - brand new retail packed

Our competitors are crying murder because we are offering it as such a ridiculously low price, but what give's. 

People like myself, would buy a case not because its necessary (debatable) but because it adds a little colour to your favorite music device.

And there's nothing wrong in having two or more iPod Touch Cases

The build of these Speck iPod Touch Cases - Candyshell are immaculate, they make cases that are perfect fit - fashionable and classy  

So grab one today, before we sell out - stocks are strictly limited and once gone, they are gone forever

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