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Griffin Survivor Strong Clear for Samsung Galaxy S9 - Survivor Not-So-Strong


Griffin Survivor Strong Clear for Samsung Galaxy S9 - Survivor Not-So-Strong

At first glance, it looks like most other shell style cases, a nicely moulded, fused dual-layer casing with button covers and open ports for jack and speakers. The version I tested is the clear iteration, but there are a variety of colours available, even if they are somewhat conservative.


Griffin Survivor Strong S9


On paper, it sounds great. Drop-tested on concrete from 2.1m/7ft; wireless charging compatible; meets military standard 810g (meaning it’s been through snow, salt spray, sand, UV, heat etc.); and finally, an “impact dispersion system”, an enthusiastic marketer’s way of saying “if you drop it on its corner it will absorb the shock into the rest of the case instead of denting your phone”.


Survivor Strong 

However, in my actual hands? It just wasn’t that impressive.


The first thing that put me off was that the case actually appeared to already be marked fresh out of the packaging. I had a closer look and indeed found scuff marks and what looked like a minor manufacturing fault in the fusing of the layers at the top of the case. That would be fine with a $5 item, but not in something marketed and priced as a premium product.




The second thing that threw me, was the fingerprints. Fingerprints everywhere – this case wears them ALL loud and proud. Any amount of basic handling and you have to repeatedly wipe your phone off or it just ends up looking constantly grubby. I do note however, that this may not be such a problem with the coloured Strong cases, as these appear to have a matte finish instead of gloss.


Griffin Survivor Galaxy


Lastly, it marks immediately. This case is not going to cosmetically survive keys in pockets, drops, scrapes or pokes of any kind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to protect your phone, but it’s going to look like absolute rubbish after a month of regular use.



Now, it should be noted that the Survivor Strong is not a total disaster. The top and bottom bezels on the front of the case very effectively protect the screen without impeding access to the bevelled sides. There isn’t much bulk to it. It’s nice and “grippy” in your hands yet slips in and out of pockets without grabbing. Essentially it does look like it will effectively protect the phone. I just can’t see it surviving unscathed due to it marking so easily.


Summed up? 2/5 stars, go check out the Lifeproof Fre instead.