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What's been happening?!?!


What's been happening?!?!

Hi all,

It's been a while since we posted an update on our blog site,

Excuse the neglet but its been a hectic month or two as we prepare for Christmas.

Life is a juggle when you run a small family business, me, my sis and my bro in law are busy replying, packing and sending off your cool gadgets.

It get's a little crazy when you have over 1000 orders a month coming left right and centre.

In case you don't know, we also sell on eBay, under boutique_central - check out our awesome feedback rating of 99.4%!

New products are coming along in time for Christmas

Including iKon RC remote cars, Very Cool Christmas Gift

We are also building our site with the latest design and magento themes 

Trident Kraken iPhone 4 cases for those looking for a more durable solution and the latest Speck range of iPhone 4s cases.

Note to Speck, please leave us the fuck alone, (excuse the french). We stock your products and we happen to sell a lot of them. But it's not against the law to sell below RRP. Go and find someone else to annoy. It also appears our Australian dollar is worth more than your paper money. So why do you think its okay to charge us more for the same product. Help me out here, it just doesnt make sense. 

For those who have purchased from us before, enjoy the spam mail we send out weekly. 

We do put a great effort into designing these emails, so if you don't appreciate the deal, appreciate the art 


Anyway, signing off now -