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FLPR Product Review


FLPR Product Review

Once upon a time, these FLPR were sold for $119, but at $30 a pop its currently the best deal available online and will be worthy of your consideration.

But price alone is not the reason why we buy a product, a quick product review from the following sources will give you a better idea what your purchasing and whether or not it suits you

Source MacTalk:

"The FLPR app is pretty freaking ugly and the iPhone screen is a bit too small to display the entire remote at once, meaning you have to scroll to find the option you want. A native iPad version of this would be pretty cool. That said, the whole kit works great and is great value (RRP is $119, but you can get it for less at most resellers - if you're paying more than $90, you're paying too much). It's certainly way more flexible than a traditional universal remote. Not only do you have a good remote, you've also got the entire Internet, plus all the other App Store apps you know and love. "

Source iLounge: B-

"The key to FLPR’s value is the app, which New Potato claims has 14,000 remote control codes built in—this means that in many cases, you can just launch the app, tell it which devices you’re using, and start controlling them right away. New Potato turns the iPhone or iPod touch screen into a scrollable replacement for individual remotes, letting you press a top-of-screen icon to swap between the remotes, and then scroll up or down through each remote’s buttons. In our testing with a set of five different devices, we found that the FLPR app properly controlled three without any customization—a Sony AV receiver, a Panasonic TV, and an Apple TV—but had problems with a Toshiba DVD player and a Microsoft Xbox 360, both of which appeared to be compatible given the app’s list of supported devices."

Source MacObserver: 3.5/5

"The FLPR is easy to set up and use, and worked with almost every button on almost every remote I tested. And I could have lived with the inflexible macros, button layouts, and labels. Unfortunately, the functions it was unable to learn were functions I can’t do without and the main reason its rating isn’t even higher. "