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Samsung S7 – Best Tough Protection with OtterBox Defender


Samsung S7 – Best Tough Protection with OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender has been a standard in heavy duty case protection for years, but their new range of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 take it to the next level with the toughest Defender case yet. With a whopping 4 layers of protection now (screen cover, foam buffer, inner shell and outer slip cover) they are so drop-proof that OtterBox have developed “OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection”, a testing program (and testimonial page) that encompasses 238+ hours of testing across more than 24 different tests, including a drop test, sweat test and makeup resistance test.


The Defender continues to feature port covers to seal off jacks and speaker openings to prevent entry of dust and water, and their usual built in screen protector to keep that super sweet OLED display safe. Whilst the screen protector itself eventually succumbs to scratching, especially if kept in pockets a lot, the shell and screen protector component can actually be purchased separately to lengthen the life of the case, or to customise the colour components. A bezel edge also protects the screen and rear camera from most scratches in the first place, so pretty set here.


The profile of the case continues to get slimmer as well, and whilst it still remains a bulky case compared to some, given the level of protection it provides we still think it’s a pretty good compromise between size and protection. If heavy duty protection is your requirement, the OtterBox Defender continues to be an excellent choice and a great investment to protect a very expensive piece of equipment. Currently available in 4 colours with free postage here.