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Audio Technica Earphones | Headphones


Audio Technica Earphones | Headphones

This week we are exited to annouce we are bringin a range of Audio-Technica earphones/headphone gears

My personal introduction with this brand came as an accident whilst on a trip to Japan.

Managed to tried all a range of earphones and ended up buying a pair of ATH-ESW9 Pro headphones

Personal moto in business is if its good enough for you, then its good enough to sell. 

This is why we decided to stock up on Audio Technica gear for our fellow Gadgets Boutique customer.

To get the ball rolling, we manage to hook up some decent CKM30 Inner Earphones for a crazy $29 Delivered. (RRP $69)

We will also be brining in a range of:

Street Gear Range


Solid Bass

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest and best range of Pro Audio Equipment!