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Audio Technica CKS50 Review


Audio Technica CKS50 Review


The CKS50 is designed with bass in mind, the packaging alone mention Bass, Solid Bass, Extreme BassThat's very much what you can expect with these earphones, they are design with quality bass in mind.

Audio-Technica is to launch its innovative Solid Bass Series headphones at IFA 2010, comprising two earphone and two headband models. All of the new headphones feature the Company’s innovative and newly designed Dual Chamber Mechanism which successfully extends bass response compared to single chamber designs, but without compromising mid and high frequency content.

The one of Solid Bass earphones - great value ATH-CKS50 - also benefit from two-position post earpieces that allow users to tailor the fit of the earphones. In addition to the ‘standard’ positioning of the earpieces, the ATH-CKS50 allows the in-ear sections to be moved forward on their posts for a closer fit.

This positioning leads to improved sound isolation and an emphasis of low frequency sounds, particularly suited to urban and dance music styles

Like any earphone, it comes down to your preference and these are clearly slanted for those who want more bass.Earphones comes with extension cables and a small pouch, they are considered in the mid-entry level range.

Current RRP $69, but we manage to score a few dozens for $39. At this price, its definetely worth considering.